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Capital cities and states of Europe

Capital City
Country Code
Amsterdam 730,000    Netherlands NL
Ankara 2,900,000    Turkey TR
Andorra la Vella 16,000    Andorra AD
Athens 770,000    Greece GR
Belgrade 1,100,000    Yugoslavia (Serbia) YU
Berlin 3,400,000    Germany DE
Bern 130,000    Switzerland CH
Bratislava 450,000    Slovakia SK
Brussels 140,000    Belgium BE
Bucharest 2,100,000    Romania RO
Budapest 1,970,000    Hungary HU
Chisinau 670,000    Moldova MD
Copenhagen 1,360,000    Denmark DK
Dublin (City) 540,000    Ireland IE
Helsinki 500,000    Finland FI
Kiev 2,650,000    Ukraine UA
Lisbon 670,000    Portugal PT
Ljubljana 280,000    Slovenia SI
London 7,000,000    United Kingdom UK
Luxembourg 78,000    Luxembourg LU
Madrid 3,000,000    Spain ES
Minsk 1,700,000    Belarus BY
Monaco 28,000    Monaco MC
Moscow 8,500,000    Russia RU
Nicosia (Lefkosia) 180,000    Cyprus CY
Oslo 480,000    Norway NO
Paris 2,200,000    France FR
Prague 1,250,000    Czech Republic CZ
Reykjavik 100,000    Iceland IS
Riga 850,000    Latvia LV
Rome 2,700,000    Italy IT
San Marino 2,800    San Marino SM
Sarajevo 500,000    Bosnia & Herzegovina BA
Skopje 450,000    Macedonia MK
Sofia 1,150,000    Bulgaria BG
Stockholm 720,000    Sweden SE
Tallinn 450,000    Estonia EE
Tirana 250,000    Albania AL
Vaduz 5,000    Liechtenstein LI
Valletta 9,300    Malta MT
Vatican City 800    Holy See VA
Vienna 1,600,000    Austria AT
Vilnius 600,000    Lithuania LT
Warsaw 1,660,000    Poland PL
Zagreb 850,000    Croatia (Hrvatska) HR

International Cities and Capitals around the world.

The Capital City of Netherlands (Holland)

The Capital City of Turkey

International American City (Maryland)

The Capital City of Thailand

The Capital City of China

The Capital City of Germany (Deutschland)

Berne (Bern)
The Capital City of Switzerland

Bombay (Mumbai)
International Indian City

The Capital City of Brazil. Founded 1962

Brussels(Bruxelles, Brüssel)
The Capital City of Belgium

Hungary's Capital City

Buenos Aires
The Capital City of Argentina

The Capital City of Egypt

The Capital City of Australia

Cape Town (Kapstadt)
International South African City

International American City (Illinois)

Cologne (Köln)
Cologne is the oldest German city. The name Cologne stems from Agrippina, the Cologne-born wife of the Roman Emperor Claudius, who proclaimed her "Colonia" in the year 50 AD.

Copenhagen (København)
The Capital City of Denmark

The Capital City of India

International City of the United Arab Emirates

The Capital City of Ireland

Genève (Genf, Genève, Geneva)
The official Site of the International Swiss City

The Hague (Den Haag)
Netherlands seat of government

Havana (Habana)
Cuba's Capital

The Capital City of Finland

Hawaii's Capital (USA)

The Capital City of Indonesia

Home Page of the Capital City of Israel
Jerusalem Guide

The Capital City of Nepal

Kuala Lumpur
The Capital City of Malaysia

The Capital City of Portugal

The Capital City of the United Kingdom
London Tourist Information

Los Angeles
International American City (California)
Los Angeles Guide

Luxembourg (Luxemburg)
The Capital City of Luxembourg

The Capital City of Spain

Mexico City
The Capital City of Mexico

Guide to the international Italian City Milan

International Canadian City
Montreal Online

The Capital City of Russia

Munich (München)
International German City

The Capital City of Kenya. Nairobi in Maasai means: place of cold water. Founded 1896-1898

New York
International American City
New York Today City Guide

International Japanese City

The Capital City of Canada

The Capital City of Norway

The Capital City of France

International American City (Pennsylvania)

Phnom Penh
The Capital City of Cambodia

Prague (Praha)
The Capital City of Czech Republic

The Capital City of Ecuador

The Capital City of Iceland. In the ninth century, the first Vikings settled in the area where the city would later rise. They named the place Reykjavík, it means "smoky bay" because of the hot steam rising from the abundant geothermal springs.

San Francisco
The official web site of City and County of San Francisco

The Capital City of Chile. Founded 1541, by Pedro de Valdivia.

São Paulo
International Brazilian City

International Chinese City

The Capital City of the Republic of Singapore

The Capital City of Sweden
Stockholm Guide

International Australian City

The Capital City of Japan

Vienna (Wien)
The Capital City of Austria
Vienna Online

The Capital City of the United States of America. Washington, DC was founded in 1791 as the worlds first planned Capital City.

International Swiss City